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"Oh, another nice question. Well, look at the glass boxes, look inside them. Many say that the answer is inside yourself. WRONG, my dear. I always say that the answer is inside a glass box. Or, let's say, a yellow bag. But, unfortunately, we don't have any yellow bags at the moment…"


A voyage from a place that doesn't belong to this reality to a small town on the hills near the Apennini mountain range. A mysterious death, a hideous secret to keep... and someone who wants to discover the truth at every cost. A little girl who have to understand to find peace and a police inspector who won't stop at first appearances; their stories weaved together, flowing beneath the real world surface and the hyperuranium underground.

Beyond was written for the "Mondi Confinanti" project by Roberto Grassi (original concept), Paolo Lucchesi (programming) e Alessandro Peretti (graphics).

In 2005 has placed on second place in the 11th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp), and has won the awards for the Best Story and the Best Individual Puzzle in the 2005 edition of the XYZZY awards.

A small town…

Inspector Maltelli…



To play this game you can download the Windows installer, which is self-sufficient (it contains the Gargoyle interpreter).
Otherwise you'll need a z-machine/infocom interpreter (for the text only release) or a glulx interpreter (for the complete release). You can download the interpreter for your computer from the If-Archive, both for z-machine or for glulx, or you can download a generic interpreter here. Under Windows, Mac OsX or Linux the suggester interpreter is è Gargoyle, created by Tor Andersson and now mantained by Ben Cressey and others.
Or you can play the online release (text only), implemented with the Parchment interpreter.

Beyond is also available in Italian.